LBJ worth it?

Is he worth the price for the PD?

It will probably make me Mt broke

I love him. He’s an insane scorer at the 1 and has sharp/slash with red Kobe mids and pop. He’s easily worth it for me with HOF stopper and dimer but it depends on your playstyle. You could probably get just as much value out of magic if you’d only use him to pass and hit wide open 3s, but I use him as a scorer


Yes he’s damn good.

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He’s a favourite player and I normally try to use players I like.

He would probably be a jack of all trades on the team like in real life

I have the first pd magic and love him. But it would be a different role

Best card in the game, when Kawhi and pippen locking down everybody else, Lebron has the strength to just bully them in the post

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Where does he fall short?

If hes your favorite player then i dont see why not get him


His shot is awkward to get down at first but overall really nice player I personally don’t use him tho I sold him for kd

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Ass jumpshot ass dribble moves


Absolutely. He’s still my favorite card at the moment, for me he’s just an all-around beast. He’s basically AS Magic with a better/quicker jumpshot and far better dunking. I dunno whats with all the hate this forum has for him, I personally love his release (very similar to Tatum’s) and his dribble moves are fine to me :man_shrugging:t2: super easy to use them to get around defenders in iso and fastbreak situations.

If on X1 I got one ending in approximately 85 mins with red Kyries and contract. Feel free to throw a nice bid on it. He’s 99 OVR in game with those shoes and coach Kerr. As badged out as can be I believe as well.

Ps4, thanks though

Absolutely. The card is an all around monster.

I’ve been playing him off the bench as a small ball PF running the high pick and roll against slow centers and he’s turns games around.

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Hof dstop hof dimer. N 99 3ball w coach and shoe. Nuff said.

I still think the 2 easiest cards I’ve used to score with are Pd Bron and PD Pg13. I don’t currently own any as I’m selling back from giannis but yeah I loved Bron.

Yeah he has an easy to time shot and he’ll dunk on most people.

Also his 85 strength gives him an advantage against most SF’s and down and even the weaker PF’s.

I run Pop so be gets up to 90 strength. Slasher/Defensive takeover leads to plenty of steals and unstoppable fast breaks.

Somehow bron is completely slept on but he’s been great for me at the one. His dribble moves don’t create separation but he’s great in transition and a deceptively good shooter when opponent goes under the screen