LBJ On Moments Watch Again?

28 points at HT. They are up by 15 though, so he could be taken out early if it continues to get worse for my Heat.

2/14 Diamond Bron coming soon!!

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Lebron gonna go for the stat pad

If he can go 60,i can see a 96 PD on the way

Magic Johnson is in the audience so I can see him trying to get a 50 point trip double.

He’s going to have 70. Sale your diamonds for 10k each now. I’m logging on. Lmk when up


Gotta Sell than Diamond Lebron ASAP

Say he does go off for maybe 50 & gets a PD. Does his 2K anniversary card automatically become a GO?

50 isn’t a PD performance. Maybe a 50 point trip-dub, but it’s usually 60 for PD.


I support you with this ^^

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Lebron has entered carry mode lmao, you know damn well that man is not missing the playoffs

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A pd lmao for a november regular seson game… maybe its another diamomd with diff stats. Like Ingles have 2 rubies. Maybe, if its a huge 50 or 60pts game.


He’s going off get ready boys


42points going into 4th. Yup sell em boys.

42 baby

I feel bad for anyone that got that shit diamond LeBron


Another amy with good 3pt stats and ass defense sounds nice too.

Ita garbage time… dont expect more.

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Lebron wants that 60