Latest Weekly Challenge

For those who don’t know, the recent weekly challenge only takes you one game and you can get 15 tokens. If you do it today, you can get 17 tokens under the token events.

Stack up your token everyone!


The last 3 weeklies are like the last one. 45 tokens and like 7k MT for 3 full games.

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Don’t forget the 20 tokens from the multiplayer challenge - you just need 3 ‘next’ players on the roster.

The difficulty is on a very low level, however.

Smells like a market update soon


I’m gonna say GOAT LeBron this week (said that last week lol) and then final token update on 7/15.

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Can you get extra tokens on these bc of the event ? Or no

2 more tokens per game win

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these 4 games and them double tkn events are key, got 90+tokens in an hr last night

Are the 5-game weekly challenges for higher tokens worth doing during the 2 token bonus?

Personally I wouldn’t. It takes you 2.5 min for all 5 games