Later gators

Quitting MyTeam.


Hold a W


Why are multiple people quitting? We know these locker codes are never good. When is the last time we got a good locker code ?

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That’s the spirit fellas!

Nothing to do with the codes, but please keep assuming newbie.

Can I have your stuff

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What happened?

see you tommorow


I didn’t really assume? I asked lol

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This gonna be some Goku goin to train with uub nonsense is it

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See you in 7 years.

Are you going to jail

I’m getting toriyama to start writing the next series you ain’t goin nowhere

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Yeah, man. I can’t even keep track of how many people I’ve killed.

King Piccolo, Frieza, shit I killed my own grandpa.

The law finally caught up.


But fr bro why you quitting

I just had some personal shit come up, nothing I want to get super in to. I’m just a weirdo though and would have felt weird ghosting out of here.


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Off topic but did u pre order jump-force?

Lol nah. I had misgivings about it, and I guess from the reviews they were well founded?

I dunno, I’m not really big in to fighting games to begin with.

Are we still gonna be best friends though?

But for real i hope everything works out for you sir. You’re a good man.


Yeah man I’ll wait for it to be 30 bucks it’s definitely isn’t the most polished game