Last badge for AK47

Gonna play him at 3, have a shoe adding to swb, post fade, mid contested, steal and passing vision.

Went with Tireless scorer, Difficult shots, Bruiser, Posterizer, Post spin technician. Not sure if I should go MRD or DRD on the last one. Thinking also about removing posterizer and maybe get both.

MRD helps a lot with post fades so having at the 3 would give you huge post advantage.

I think DRD. Makes the deep pick and fade really deadly. Not only does get the P&P badge but if it’s a little contested you could still hit with some regularity. His mid-range attributes are already better than 3PT especially with your mid-contested shoe.

I was thinking the same.

He is in a lineup with Steph and Klay, so he wont shoot many threes, usually only wide open, so DRD isnt totally needed.

remove tireless scorer if anything. When will you ever have a scoring situation with AK where he is drained? Are you saucing up dribble moves with him?

I went deep range and limitless but i think deep range is a must. I also put brick wall on him. I didnt realise he was missing post spin technician, just added it now

Long post up, dribbling, drive in transition.

Brickwall is very important, and bruiser

Tbf, unless it is a play, I am not even using regular pick and fade, but might think about it as an option.

Yeah im out of room to add more, at the 4 he definately needs every defensive badge but at the 3 he is a real mismatch no matter whos at that spot

I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen the tireless scorer badge pop for any of my players and I am almost through All time dom. I also have a pure sharp mycareer player that I run the court and through screens endlessly with and never make any progress on that badge.

Tireless scorer is trash you should remove it

So you like him at the 3 more than the 4? Im thinking of maybe moving him down to the 3… just not sure yet

I use it a lot, and I even run some plays that get my SF/PF a good 3PT look. I tend to let it fly from deep so maybe my play style requires this badge on most of my players.

Also if post fadeaways factor in the mid-range ability (either the attribute or MRD) and you are using that a lot it probably makes more sense for you to go with MRD. Not sure if it does though

I use him in both spots, i just know i have a better chance at posting up, getting blocks and having the height advantage at the 3, at the 4, some guys may run two centres and as much as u can beat them with speed, its pretty hard to get a shot off. Especially if its ben wallace at the 4 or duncan. But he is more then capable to work at the 4.

I am still thinking about removing posterizer as I am not sure it is totally worth it over one of those shooting badges for him. He has solid dunking stats, but I think even last year he was dunking almost exclusively only when the path was open.

I would leave Posterizer on him…

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DAMN. I didn’t know he was like that.

Why couldnt you just say, yes, give up Posterizer and dont show the vid? :smiley: Now I am totally torn.