Last 4 games ive gotten crazy amounts of pts!

First game today i got 367 pts. 2nd i got 222. 3rd i got 180. This last game i got 199. So in 4 games ive gotten 968 pts ! Not complaining ay all. But also makes no sense. Almost in diamond with a 7-3 record. Crazy stuff. Rage quitters galore this round lol

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Same here, I was like wtf lol, not sure what’s going on

Not complaining. Bet diamond is gunna be a fucking sweat fest hahah

Diamond and pd be easy for me. Its ruby and Amy that I sweat


Damn dude what tier were ur opponents? Im 8-1 so far this round n still in ruby. Im getting 50 points a game n beating guys in amy? I wish we knew more abt the points system. I swear to god i beat a guy from saph n i get 150-200pts. Beat a god squad from diamond league n its 50pts thanks for showing up. I don’t get it?

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I was in emerald yesterday and beat a guy in gold and got over 400 points. It has to be something different than usual. And I also lost 2 games before that and lost under 50 points for each of them. I have to tell you, it’s so much more fun to play like this, don’t have to sweat for every loss.

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Got to Amy with a 5-1 record, lost 3 in a row but only lost 40-50 points a game. Definitely better than previous rounds.

You guys are making me want to jump in the fray. I was planning to wait as long as possible before playing this round, so I could match up with diamond teams while I was in emerald and jump straight to ruby lol

Also kicking around the idea of playing rainbow units instead of starting 5 PDs for the first time. I haven’t done either yet. Has anybody tried rainbows lately? 1 PD, 1 diamond, 1 amy, 1 ruby, 1 sapphire

I got 506 for a win last night

Amethyst is by far the hardest league lmfao

I wizzed through amy tho. Was crazy dude. Like 3 wins and i was in diamond. So weird. Got 180pts my last game to get into diamond.

Update. Lost a game from a gross five outer. He had pd porzingis. And i lost 143 pts. I literally dont get it. If u lose against scrubs id probally lose like 50pts LOL. Thats how FUCKING STUPID THIS RANKING SYSTEM IS

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I got seven points for a win the other day. What can you do?

I might have cried a little. That has to be a new all time low

7 ?!?!? Omg id cry lol

Same here. I don’t feel like 2k is trying to make me lose as many games when I get out of amethyst lol.

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First game in diamond and i got SMACKED lol. Felt 2k fucking with my sliders and shit. Was so frustrating. Like dudes just deciding to wait to run off screens instead of doing it when they should. Game felt so scripted lol. Lebron wide open looks just clanking. Brutal LOL


Still getting barely any points and just got subglitched by some bum in the PD league lmao. So if anyone matches up with lPeytonl watch out, was smacking him by19 before half

I smoked him Wednesday lol

Yeah, now that I sold all my stupid players and finally bought a god squad I have been destroying. Shutting down everyone no matter if they five out or not. I have gotten really good at zone against five outers and I am getting crazy point per game. Just got 328 against an actual budget squad that I mashed