Larry or Vince

Who plays better ?

So tough to say. I think Larry is probably more impactful considering he can play 3 or 4

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Who’s release is easier ? Lol

Larry Legend

Larry because his size and positional skills fit better to the meta. release to me is preference both dont suck

Both are smooth as can be. Id say larrys is a tad more forgiving

But if you could swing Vince carter and Sampson ? Or still go Larry? … can only play so many good players

For reference

Get Larry

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I’d stand pat honestly, your team is definitely good maybe even sell PD blake and just put smith in. Move bron to bench 3 clyde to starting 2 and pg to bench 2.

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These last two suggestions :exploding_head:

Wondering… how many more cards on the level of this Larry will be released ? I know we are getting to a point where all cards are good, but Larry has 12 HOF badges !!

Is it wiser to just sit on my 400mt till nba rewards cards ?

Limited Vince > Larry bird all day every day I have Both and I’m in love with the Vince carter card the first day or so I’d say Larry but 2k like usually drops a card and it feels like it’s untouchable and then somewhere along the way they nerf them Larry to me has went from a green been machine to missing wide open full bars I run The magic play book so both are very feasible 3 ball threats but my jr Smith Vince and Giannis combo is deadly and they all come off the bench I’m all for a second team punch but there are a lot of 3’s that can play both 3-4 and vice versa so it all depends on what position you’re lacking at both are amazing cards but you still got cards like pg13 that to me outdue Larry so it just depends man the limited has defensive stopper and limitless hof so they’re on the same level badge stat wise but Vince has him beat on animations

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Nah Larry is Better than Limited Vince
You can Post Fade Vince All day

Always save MT it’ll be worth it there will be a huge crash I mean the only cards that survived the crash from series one are giannis and Jordan and I’m guessing the only cards that will surging the next crash will be Larry and Anthony Davis and kevin Durant mark my words

Both are very nice card, but Larry has no weaknesses really.

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