Larry Legend Takeover Thread! ☘

Woohoo, Galaxy Opal Larry is upon us!

Alright gang, I’ll be spearheading this to ensure a comprehensive list is compiled, and easy to access/navigate. Share what takeovers you’re able to achieve with specific shoe/coach combos, and I’ll record 'em! If you don’t mind trying multiple coaches with your chosen diamond shoe, that would be greatly helpful to us all. Also, if you didn’t already know, you can take your player into Triple Threat offline, bring up the switch/passing icons, and it’ll display his two takeovers. Let’s get it!

LeBron South Beach:

  • D’Antoni/Kerr - Sharpshooter/Shot Creator
  • Pop/Stevens - Sharpshooter/Lock

White/Black Adidas:

  • Pop/Stevens - Sharpshooter/Lock
  • Kerr/D’Antoni - Sharpshooter/Shot Creator

Red Kobe AD:

  • D’antoni - Sharpshooter/Shot Creator

White/Blue KD 10:

  • Casey/Kerr/Pop/Stevens/D’Antoni - Sharpshooter/Shot Creator

I think he’s Sharp/Shot every time. Maybe Shot/Lock with Pop and low post def shoe


Sharp/shot with South Beach and D’Antoni.

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Nice! Just got mine, so I’m about to test coaches with White/Blue KD

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What shoe would you recommend if I’m using D’Antoni?

@daruler022 can you try some other coaches?

Im thinking of cp3s or jordan xxx1 speed/dunk. I had the xxx1 on PD bird

Yeah I definitely want to boost dunking.

Sure. Black/White shell toes is also sharp/shot with D’Antoni.

Pop/Stevens with either white/black shell toes, or South Beach gives sharp/lock.

Sharp/shot with either shoe and Kerr.


D’antoni red Kobe sharp shot

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cool, thanks guys! the white/blue KD 10 gives him Sharp/Shot with every amethsyt/diamond coach

Larry isn’t getting any love here fellas!

I think everyone is disappointed with the badging. I got one for 290k and went with grey Jordans for passing vision (88 wtf) and speed with ball. Almost looks like he’s getting a better card imo. Maybe a limited down the road.

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I went with Grey Jordans as well. All maxed 3pt shooting now, and the SWB and PV are nice. But yeah, slightly disappointing. Still going to play with Opal Larry Legend.

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He’s my fav player so a must cop.

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This is inaccurate…I gave him lebron south beaches and use pop but he still gets sharp shot

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Prob cause people are testing in triple threat offline.

You gotta test in triple threat online. You get different takeovers in some offline game modes.

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Idk why bird seems so inconsistent to me. Im better with opal a. I