Larry Johnson >>> James Worthy

Let’s debate.

i pulled him out of the code yesterday, he moves great and has nice animations

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Plus he has an easy shot, great card all around.

if you badge him out, i fee like he could be usable for a while

The one valuable thing about Worthy is that he can get literally every single badge in the game. In theory, at some point he could technically have as many HOF badges as someone wants to give him.

Beyond that, I’ve not used either of them so I won’t really weigh in there.

LJ has “50” perimeter defense :hocho: better shooter, better ball handler if you need that. Big game James is better at everything else.


LJ can get em all too

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He actually can’t, he is missing quite a few upgradeable badges here:


You can have a Worthy if you had the badges rn w/ HOF Range, HOF Clamps, HOF Intimidator, HOF Interceptor, etc. etc.


i guess the main important one he cant get is intimidator. still great tho

That’s a big one to be missing though


I liked LJ but I think Worthy is better

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HOF Heart Crusher, HOF Interceptor, HOF Intimidator (Gold as well) all pretty important if you play either of them at the 4.


Is Worthy 150k-200k better than LJ though?

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That’s always the question in 2K, with MTU on rookie mode, hell no, you can run whatever you want out there if you have a little bit of skill this year lol.


If you have, use Magic, yes. Otherwise see above.

I’ve one with hof deep hooks & lob finisher :cold_face:

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Sold him. Took that 250k and ran lol

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I was about to do that too, hated Webber release. Than i got Magic, added both 3p shoes, added 2 hof badges + gold extender Worthy. They r great now and W has like a 91 lq which is amazing for a PF at this stage. These two would absolutely be gamekillers if they had higher swb so it is acceptable, realistic at least.

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Who the hell is going to badge out players one month into the game though? I am not suggesting that you are; I know you are just commenting on what other people might do. Is Rockefeller playing MyTeam and I don’t know about it?

As a NMS offline grinder, I feel like badging guys up is such a waste of MT.

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I do :joy: