Larry Bird

Larry Bird

Can anybody get this man to shoot consistently. I can shoot at a decent clip with evo Tmac, evo Ceballos and a heap of the dom evo cards but Larry just clangs so many shots that are buckets for my other guys. Surely steady shooter isn’t that bad at effecting shots

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Yea its that trash badge. They ruined Bird, what a letdown. Whichever dev made that badge should be fired.


The bigger problem is no range extender imo. Steady shooter just makes it even worse

I was so pumped to add him to my line-up but I’m honestly at the point I’m about to throw an evo dom card back in my line-up. It’s so frustrating

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I’m not taking crazy shots, just normal 3’s and middys. I read the badge description and thought I’ll let guys close out a bit and then shoot but he still clangs 90% of his shots

Range extender activates on every jumper this year, on top of long range shots. It’s a bit different to limitless

Ah ok, Larry should most definitely have it then. His layup animations are cool but it feels like such a waste of Larry Bird to be using him almost exclusively as a roll man or slasher.

His fadeaway is still soaked

Yea hes trash, cant shoot so I mine as well use a better slasher over him. I’m confident it’ll get fixed cuz everyone hates that badge. A badge should never ever nerf something

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Idk how you guys got bird. Everytime im killing someone I get hit with the disconnect glitch. It’s almost like you have to carry guys.

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I hope it does. I don’t mind that badge for semi-contested shots ala Larry, Steph, Klay ect. Because they make those shots irl, the favt it nurfs good open shots is a joke though

What’s up with this badge ?

I was getting that like 3 days ago but now just normal rage quits

Basically makes open shots worthless but doesn’t seem to work on contested shots either

buffs contested shots and nerfs open shots aka the only shots I take. And he has it on HOF :expressionless:

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Does anyone know any cards that DON’T have steady shooter with a good 3 ball? I’d rather use a card without it at all than Bird

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I had 3 today

Doesnt it say bonuses for open shots? Meaning you get a bonus for an open shot?

I understand it as it reduses the bonuses for open and reduces the penalty for contested