Larry Bird VS LeBron James

Who is greater?


Lebron… this isn’t a debate



Larry is great though. Number 5 in my top 5

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they still have the same number of championships in the end of the day

And yet that doesnt mean a single thing

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LeBron obviously

LeBron is better at filling the stat sheet. If I build a team in order to WIN I’m taking Larry Bird first


In the 80’s? Or now


Interesting view

I’m taking LBJ solely based on what they can do on the court. Championships are a team accomplishment at the end of the day.

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This is a skip Bayless quote. He hates bron

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Career wise Lebron because Bird career was cut short but in any given game or season, I’d take Bird. He does everything Lebron can do and is a scoring machine


Except finish with power

Larry Bird would be perfect in this era

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Don’t underestimate championships.
all-time great players are expected to win rings no matter where they are

Better at filling a stat sheet LOL

Birds celtics had 4-5 HOFers give me a break

LeBron is top 3 of all time no matter how you slice it

I even like Larry as a player more than Lebron but some things just arent debatable

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I expected Larry slander to be abundant so I thought I’d provide some stats rather than simply dismissing a HOFer like he’s a scrub. LeBron is ahead of Larry but imo it isn’t as much of a gap as people make it out to be.

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