Larry Bird vs Kevin Durant

but can they run your plays?

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163 total attributes more on Larry, has much better post D along with higher strength, the only notable stuff KD got over Larry is shot blocking and Driving Layups (quite important).

How much larry legend going for right now?

He’ll be a Beast at the 4.


Larry can do the scissor play :heart:

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Another thing is that he also got 5 gold badges and shooting ones are expensive so thats another reason to pick him up.

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hnnnnnnnnnnnnng he a must cop

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also he makes decent use of the black converse which are only 4-5k

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Can anyone post Bird’s system proficiency?

def-69 heyo


Awesome. Good looks!

Bruh this larry card looks so good. I don’t need him since I’m finished with Ultimate. But I want him for my Dom grind and Triple threat

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Been rocking with Larry since the day he came out and guys this card is amazing. The exact kind of sf I wanted

I can’t wait to pick him up later. Throw hustle rebounder/ rim protector/ break starter on him and he’ll be a beast at the 4. Faster and better shooting than AD lol

I have both and AD is a monster defensively. Larry is not. That’s why I can’t play Larry at the 4 for too long.

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Also he wear any shoe right?

No, sadly only converse.