Laphonso Ellis is a demon

Laphonso Ellis is a demon

Ok he’s not gonna make your all Opal 99 god squad teams but for my budget ballers holy shit this cards insane. He has the highest arching jumper I’ve ever seen in the game it doesn’t get contested. He’s got lockdown defense and greens everything. This mans got Hof extender, hot zone, green machine, quick first step, clamps, intimidator, pogo, rebound chaser, fancy, contact, volume shooter, hot start, difficult shots, acro, consistent, postspin and on and on like wtf?

Budget ballers if short on tokens forget about Melo and go grab this man

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The sad thing is, Laphonso ELLIS was a bonafied SCRUB on the level of kwame brown in real life

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Stop talking out of your brown eye. Ellis was a dog. Poor man’s Kemp… He had a season where he averaged 21 and 7.

This new Ellis immediately joining my Nuggs lineup


BONAFIED scrub sir.

The pride of Notre Dame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is he better than PD Siakam at the 3?

I like Jeff Green over siakem at the 3

You must be joking.

Agreed, he was ass. Especially considering he was the #5 OVR pick in the draft

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A man of good taste I see

He looks great but No Unpluckable or Bail Out is rough.


Ya this Ellis is a dawg, makes my budget squad… for park players this Malone guy has all the good animations

dribble glitch and bail out is a bail out badge

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this card is a greenball

I don’t know if it’s new card juice or what but this card is amazing.

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hes been terrorizing dudes today… MTU… TTO… it dont matter.

btw… he wasn’t a scrub in the NBA… how did anyone come up with that conclusion? lol he was just injured all the time

True. At this point anything without unpluckable is unusable for me. Too many plucks without it.

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He also has no interceptor ball just bounces right off his hands in passing lanes.

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