Lakers Vs Spurs Discussion

Lakers up by double digits seems like they’re finally meshing

5 point game at halftime. Still sucks that Luke has Kuz playing the backup center from time to time.

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Yup it hurts them they really need Wagner to come back

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He played in their G League game today and had 5 points and 6 boards.

I really like the pace of LeBron Lance hart kuzma lonzo line up.


Wait did you just say something remotely positive about Lonzo? I’m shocked!!!

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He needs a couple more games to assimilate I guess

Pace is good, but definitely a liability defensively in the paint. Nobody to box out or contest layups.

Javale in foul trouble will cost them some games

I said many positive things about lonzo but still not convinced on his consistency on offense. But how the Lakers are constructed now he gets defended less while playing with LeBron. And that’s a good thing for his offense, rondo can run it with every line up.

Dude you’ve had 3 posts calling Lonzo a bust, flat out arguing with guys about how you think he is shit lol

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Johnathan Williams IS pretty good for a 2way contract

If only he was a little taller.

Still think that he does not fit in a line up were LeBron goes for the championship against teams like GS,Celtics raptors etc. And Lonzo was playing like a bust last year with 30 % from 3 , fg 36% FT 45 :face_with_monocle:

Lakers winning anyone Mt bet

Major back peddle from 9 days ago lol the Lakers as currently constructed aren’t competing for anything, a title sure ain’t happening

You lost me he played like a bust and they dont winning a ring with him starting that what I argued. Then I said rondo going to start and that happend. But now he play better defense so he can start now. In my opinon they need to trade ingram and lonzo keep hart and kuzma get kawhi or AD plus more shooters. Then they got a shot against the big boys.

Lakers playing bad down the stretch, to slow pace.

Lakers trying to play small ball