Lakers Vs. Rockets thread 10:30 Eastern Tonight

Lakers vs Rockets tonight on TNT. Who do you think will win? Will Harden score 30? And will Lebron activate Playoff Bron early as he said he would?

Lakers SHOULD win this one.
But I’m not expecting them to.

Also this is a bit of a grudge match

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Revenge Game!!!

Yeah I fully expect Brandon Ingram to connect on a few punches.

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Lakers Should win this. I hate Chris Paul.

I’m calling this almost must win territory for Lakers. They have to get some momentum going


I really want the lakers to win, but my confidence in them isn’t very high at the moment

Lakers are def winning lebron is in playoff mode expect a 30 plus point triple double

Close to it, but still a lot of games left and only 2 back of Sacramento.

1 player can’t do it all man. The whole team needs to play good.

Lebron was one possession away from single handedly taking down GSW in game 1 last year one player can do it all lebron just needs to stop passing the ball when it’s on a possession with some weight

That’s why I said almost lol

Lebron got some fresh gatorade off a vacation.
I expect him to go full beast mode.

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and jr smith was bought by the mafia gods

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Kuz should have passed that ball to lebron on fast break. They don’t look to him anymore.

Jr grabbed the board Tho I blame hill

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Man Bron has been looking low key bad since this injury. I see the stats still kind of close to his production, but he don’t look like himself right now.

Taking a lot of jumpers

Kings fan here. Rooting Rockets all the way.