Lakers vs. Pacers

Lakers getting destroyed right know.
seems like locker room issues already took control of lakers

ohoh, bron getting angry

69 in the first half brah come on now

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Need a tix for the mavs train

We have zero spacing, our half court offense probably one of the worst in the league this season.
Cant see whats our plan on offense for months.

Who would’ve thought LeBron playing GM wouldn’t work out for the umpteenth time.


Can ad just come …

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Its nauseating at this point

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Lmaoooo down by 28 this is digusting

Offense is trash without ZO2

Welcome Aboard. The L train takes you to Grand Ave In Manhattan :joy::joy:


imagine, lakers won’t get another superstar and lebron wasted the last years of his prime without competing… what should he do?

his decision to join the lakers could turn out to be one of the worst (sportswise) ever. how can a potential goat throw the last years of his prime away just because of the business he’s planning to do after playing bball (making movies and so on)?

as a bron fan, i hope he will somehow play for titles again

Lakers might not even make playoffs. I had a bad feeling. Lebron should carry like hes taking cavs to the finals right now.

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Lakers look Great right now. This is the same squad losing by 40 to the Pacers that everyone pleaded to not breakup for Anthony Davis.

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They should shut down bron for the year to preserve him . This season is a write off

They are on a 1 way train out of the playoffs for good

If I’m pelicans I demand even more now


Very likely, but Bron isn’t going to sit out for the rest of the season. That’s not his style at all. He’s going to play and compete. If the team continues to struggle, he will stopping passing them the ball and just score.

I’ know bro , lebron got heart but I don’t think these guys deserve that effort . Worst case scenario lebron gets injured trying to fight for a playoff spot and AD says fuck it and goes to Boston .
And lebron is stuck with the Gerbers for 4 years

The problem isn’t even the baby Lakers. They can play. They are a bit emotional and immature but they can play. The problem is management and coaching. Luke Walton is Hot Ass Cheeks as a coach. I know some people swear by him, but he deserves some accountability for the underdevelopment of the young talent and the struggles of the team. No way this team should have came out and loss by 40 to the pacers. Ingram, ball, Kuzma would be much better with another organization. Look at how much better D Lo and Randle are since being traded. They weren’t coached right.

I blame Luke with regardless to how he uses his rotations sure. But the roster was constructed by Pelinka and Magic and you add injuries this is what you usually get. But yes Luke absolutely shoulders some blame. Tonight’s shitshow was due to half the team thinking they are gone.

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Not just rotations. But I don’t think he has the respect of the young core. Supposedly him and Lonzo don’t get along. And it’s a no brainer that Zo wouldn’t like Walton after Walton benched him every 4th quarter and benched him for Rondo plenty of times. Lonzo’s father has even publicly called out Luke. That’s an issue and It’s a confidence killer. They didn’t empower Kuzma as much either. The only player whom I think they tried fairly hard to develop is Ingram. Luke’s offense also sucks. I only like the offense when Bron, Zo or Rondo has the ball in their hand. Those are 3 elite playmakers.