Lakers v Warriors preseason game

Jesus… Anthony Davis looks great!
He caught like 3 lobs in a row at one point lol.

I know this is only a preseason game, but… I’m hella excited about this year.

Anybody else watching?

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Too bad you will be the worse team in LA


Of course I’m watching @Meazy615 !! I mean we have Bron and shooters, etc. but man, teams are going to have a heck of a time going against our big lineups.

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Fan of whatever team Paul George is on?

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Lakers are long af. Good luck to everybody trying to go past (or stop) AD, Javale or even Dwight. Especially Clippers with their 6’7 center :joy:


weren’t you a warrior fan for awhile

I’m impressed with Dwight’s energy, even tho it’s a tiny sample size. With the exception of one play where Dlo had him back peddling, he’s been contesting and boxing out nicely

For the Warriors, I think Russell will fit nicely with what they’re going to do. Sure, there will be growing pains, but even Kerr said they would run more pick an roll then they usually do just to get him more involved. That sounds like they’re committed to making it work. I can’t speak for the defensive end lol but offensively, they’re a scary back court.

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True. It’ll be important for him to realize his role though. If he can stick to a rolling big, I think he’ll fit pretty well if he keeps up the energy.

This. GSW still will have plenty to cheer for, in my opinion.

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Well said my guy

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It’s preseason…

First game of preseason…


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Early observations: AD and Bron will be a problem.
GSW with a healthy Klay will also be a problem.

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It’s gonna be a crazy season!!

I love this time of year… Football going strong, hoops coming back and the weather finally starting to cool off down south lol

“LBJ came to LA to make movies and retire, they won’t contend”

:eyes: :eyes:


I love Lebron but damn I hope they don’t blow everybody out


Thats the mantra Lmfao

“HeZ iN La FoR sPacE JaM”


there is only 1 team in LA and it’s the Clippers


Must be nice living in a fantasy world lmao.


I’m talking about right now.