Lakers Nation. Is It time to Fire Luke Walton and trade BI?

Lakers fans what do you think about this team? Do you think Luke Walton is incapable of coaching this young team to victory or is it just time to trade a few of the young guys? Who are you Keeping Zo, Ingram, Hart or Kuzma? Or do you just wait and see how the team does when Galaxy Opal Lebron comes back, amethyst Kuzma and PD Rondo.

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Why does Walton matter?

LeBron will be the full time coach soon lol


Even with Lebron leading that team they can still benefit from a veteran coach. He could draw up plays and rotations that would get the most out of the players.

Ty lue is looking for a job

Yeah, luke walton really never has proved anything and im sure magic and pelinka want him gone anyways, they never hired him. BI has potential i guess but hes a ball hog and gets everyone outta rhythm. Also i dont think he works well with LeBron anyways cause hes not that great playing off the ball.

At this point only a top 5-10 coach matters.
Two minds is better than one (LeCoach+RealCoach)

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Man I’ve been saying this. I honestly don’t think BI can play on this team because he needs the ball to be effective. Kuzma, Hart and ball are all not ball dominant so they fit with Lebron. So if they can ship him in the trade deadline for another wing I wouldn’t hesitate.

Ingram doesn’t need to be ball dominant. It was placed on him. He averaged 9 PPG and Magic decided he wanted him to average 20. He’s not ready yet.


Exactly he’s forcing too many plays and just gotta let the game come to him. Kuzma is their true leading scorer behind Lebron

To be honest Ingram has a bright future and I believe he will be an Allstar someday at MAX.
But the lakers are in a WIN now situation and it would be a waste not to use the final years of Lebron not winning a championship or trying too.

Of course. I completely agree. Dump anything to get AD.

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That’s the problem, every team becomes win now at all costs

Instead of teaching the core and future of the team (like was stated when LeBron first came to the Lakers)


If they do end up firing luke Walton? Who’s available out there? Mark Jackson, Thibs possibly?

I mean people talk about how much better than him Kuzma is. Kuzma is 2 full years older than Ingram. I think if the Lakers deal Ingram for anything other than in a package for a star, they’re making a mistake.


Yes. I dont think Luke is that guy.

No to firing Walton. His Bball IQ is very high, plus who’s replacing him? Who on the market makes the Lakers better? As for trading players, it depends. Are you getting AD, KD, Kawhi, PG13, Harden, Steph ect. If one of those guys sure but for a guy like Ariza you don’t give up the potential of a B.I., Lonzo, Hart, Kuz. If it is for a top talent like the previously mentioned players, trade everybody lol

I dont think Luke is the issue. They tasked him with developing the future, and being relevant right now. B.I. is trade bait all day tho. LeGoat, Kuzma, Lonzo, and a piece is a title run


They wouldn’t be a contender though. Coming towards the tail end of LeBrons contract we’ll see Lonzo and Kuz get closer to their primes, and around then is when adding a peice becomes necessary to be contenders.

I think its time to trade Ingram for sure

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