Lakers at Philly

Gonna be a slaughterhouse :hugs:

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Yeah 76ers are gonna slaughter the Lakers

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Yeah Lakers are gonna slaughter the 76ers


Would’ve been an interesting game had the lakers gotten AD but 76ers taking this game

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Yeah especially since they just beat the Nuggets

Hell nah

I’m just excited to see Reggie Bullock play. Actually very excited to have him on the squad (I still miss Svi though)

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Who gonna stop Bron?


Haha :rofl: lol :joy: seriously? Have y’all forgot so quick what happened last year? Blocked Butler’s shot then hit Game winner in his face while dropping over 40 with triple dub. Butler can’t guard him


Lebron’s explanation of this scene was pretty interesting last year. He let Cedi guard him knowing he’ll force him to rim and got him there etc… Bron knows Butler really really good.

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Bro this Philly team is a lot better of a team than that T-Wolves team was

Jimmy Butler is a bitch.

Jimmy Butler is clutch.

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This Philly team is super top-heavy.

Yeah but they still have the better squad than the Lakers right now

The 76ers as a team are pretty good on paper, but Lakers matchup well against them because of Defenders and 76ers will have no answer for Lebron James. But you’re right Butler May do better seeing he doesn’t have to carry as much of an offensive load. Embid is not gonna have it easy in the post this game either. Both Chandler and Javale are solid defenders. Not much offensively but solid defenders. This game will come down to abusing matchups. I expect to see Lebron call for screens to make JJ reddick have to guard him then take advantage all game. Ingram can do the same. There isn’t anyone on the Lakers floor you can do that with except maybe rondo, but he’s not that bad of a defender. I fully expect Kuzma to score a lot as well. I don’t think Ben Simmons will have a good game. I’m sure Ingram is going to have to guard him.

Nah I don’t see Philly losing this one especially with them having home court advantage. I know the Lakers added Reggie Bullock to the team but I don’t see this Lakers team as strong enough to beat a Philly team with 3 All stars and a borderline all star on the same court all at the same time

Is it gonna be a slaughterhouse like the Rockets beating the Thunder by 26? Oh wait…