Lakers 2020 NBA Champions: Offseason thread

They need some bigs

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they about to win a championship, should be the least of their worries


We have the best big rotation in the NBA and Cousins is coming back.

We will fire up the Lakers off season thread soon. 1 more game.

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I just feel like one of Dwight or Javale has to go being replaced by Cousins

I think they would let go of Cook or Baby Giannis first. We will see though. I think next years team will be better than this one.

This was only year 1 and it will most likely end in a ring. Now that these guys have played together with Bron and a new coaching staff I think the sky is the limit.


Totally agree we got scammed and free agency and had to go with like plan F and nearing a title with this roster. LeBron will decline slowly but AD will grow rapidly and lakers know their weaknesses now

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Zero cap space probably just vet mins.
Cousins wont be an Nba player again after those injuries…

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Isn’t Cousins a FA?

Nailed it. 2021 they can go crazy and write blank checks.

For this coming off season I think we go after solid 3 and D Vets.

Yes. He was let go knowing hed be brought back.

I think that they need a PG like CP3 that can takeover playmaking when Bron is on the bench, but can also be a reliable scorer and good defensively.

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He was released wasn’t he?

Imagine getting CP3 for a #4 super-sized and 2 apple pies, like they got Dwight. Dwight paid dividends like a mf against the nuggets.

CP3 has been stacking paper like an office clerk. I see him taking a massive cut to join Bron one day, but how many years are left on his contract? I don’t see him pushing for a buyout

Yup. It was a mutual wink wink release.

If he wants any rings before he retires…he better push for a buyout before he’s traded to a train wreck like the Knicks.

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Schroder (when he defends we on a good day)

He has 2 years left unless he opts out of player option (no way does he turn down $44 million on his final year of the contract).

bogdan bogdanovic would be ideal but idk…one can hope though

They just need a dependable 3rd scorer. That’s it. Someone that can always give you a bucket or at least get a good look for himself/teammates. A wing that can fill it up would be the third infinity stone on a gauntlet that only needs 3.

They technically don’t need one. I believe adding role players still makes them a favorite with Bron & AD. Never a doubt in my mind. That third infinity stone is a near death sentence for the league though.

Trade ad for siakam