Lagging like pig, need advice

So after i came back from holidays i played few games i had no lags and then it started… Lagging either hard o really hard. Tried to restart internet, xbox, nothing helps.

I go to play Call of Duty= 0 lag. So not sure what’s the story there. Any advice ?

Maybe similar to what happened to the australian servers a few weeks ago. It was 2k doing something on the background. We had to wait like 3 days before it was fixed. Maybe check with other members in your country or region


dammmmnnn glitchers get banned, sellers slowed down :smiley:

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Hey man, that will probably explain why my mtu experience was really bad last few weeks. I just stopped playing online since then. How did you know about this (Australian servers), is it fixed now?

Can still snipe np. but playing. not so much :frowning:

Yeah it was lagging for 3 days. A lot of aus members here experienced it too. Killzamoi tweeted about it. Got fixed shortly after rhat

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Cool, i’ll try it later. Thanks man

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It seems to be happening from region to region

2k must have forgotten to feed the hamsters that power their servers

Gotta be per region… my game will be fine… then one random day I’ll get like three disconnects and really laggy play… then it will go back the next day, but I never have that problem in tto so it’s weird

So decided to play still, game wasint that laggy, but game dropped due connection mid thru second Q, fuck this shit :frowning:

Prolly a mix also of those codes being out so more ppl on, so many people trying to get melo… things like that… after the fire that comes tomorrow prolly will be fine by Sunday

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