Lack of HOF Break Starter in bigs so far

How is it that the new PD Jokic has so many unrealistic HOF badges but doesn’t have HOF Break Starter when long outlet passing is one of his best skills irl?

The lack of bigs with HOF Break Starter is starting to make me wonder what is going on. First it was Webber missing out, then Sabonis not even having it in bronze, then Walton, and now this. The only big that has it along with good passing attributes is Unseld and he is 6’7". Kevin Love also has it but has poor passing attributes. No other C/PF has it.

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Yeah noticed that as well. Maybe it would be too cheesy but then again they have HOF Limitless.

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GO Magic comes with it for sure. If they want to compare with that monster Simmons, they put on Magic HOF Bruiser and Break Starter.


They’re leaving some wiggle room for improvements.

Opal Magic has to top the Philly Cheesesteak

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No HOF Break Starter on 98 Sabonis. Damn shame. 2K if you’re reading, please consider updating the card like you did for Bobby Jones.

Also, kindly release better Jokic, Walton, and Webber cards with HOF Break Starter, Dimer and Flashy Passer. It would be much appreciated.