Lack of Growth on Youtube

Lack of Growth on Youtube

I’m about to vent so be warned now.

I don’t understand how I haven’t grown, I feel like I make decent enough videos and I just get no fan base/traction on videos. I know waaaay more boring content creators making myteam videos with tens of thousands of subs so what is it? I try to be entertaining, informative and the only thing I can pinpoint to my lack of growth is consistency. After a while if I see I am not getting a lot of views or stuff like that then I will take a long break. Happened to me in 15,16 and 17. Didnt even upload in 18. And 19 was a decent year tbh but I really felt I was doing good this year. Went from 300 to 870 subs but still not feeling any growth.


If you want your channel to grow you will have to jump on games that are current and relevant. Stream or get content on COD Warzone. 2k Is such a small small audience

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I’m just talking about growing in the 2K community. Carlos did it in 2 years and he’s passed everyone

I’d love to see your demo compared to Carlos Demo.

The sauce is in the demo, for real. There’s the me demo (30-35 college educated with a passing interest in 2k due to brand/subject loyalty) and there’s the Carlos Assumed demo (18-25 some college or high school educated, urban with a desire to be entertained but also live vicariously through others success)

Find out what demo 2k attracts the most for YouTube and cater your videos to that if you want to make money.

So either be like troydan and wear hotdog suits and say weird shit, or keep doing you and putting out videos more in line with your real personality.

You either gotta sell out or lean in. There’s no in between.


This thread is FUCKING AWFUL.

Pardon me while I go claw my eyes out.


I’ve built two channels (one 18.5k subs; other 7.6k subs) in less than six months. They’re not gaming, but are journalism related, but a key, key thing I learned is there are minimum thresholds you need to pass to grow within YouTube.

If you’re under 1k subs, you’re still not going to get any SEO traffic, suggested or browse features to non-subs. You need to pass that to begin getting any momentum, and after that pass 10k to start getting real promo on the platform.

In the meantime build up your brand on other forums, sites to get traffic back to your channel until you pass 1k and get monetized. It’s all a big ladder.

Obviously there are other things like (a) consistent uploads at a regular schedule, (b) SEO terms used in video titles that are relevant for what people are searching for like player reviews and (c ) good engagement of existing subs (above 8% CTR on each video is a key level I’ve found).

But first grow your audience from external sources.


Well you are only as visible as the work you put in on promoting yourself. Take that as you will.

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Right. Self promo is important. One thing I think could work with 2K right now is do some videos criticizing MyTeam, offer ideas for new features, etc. Hell, do a Reddit poll and get ideas. That’d be fresh and would resonate with people.

I also think Player A vs Player B review videos are neat and under-done. And maybe a video series breaking down different competitive players’ play styles (I would freaking love this, people want to learn how to get better at MTU). All that is different and would build up a unique audience…

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My question is what do you do it all for ? Why do you YouTube ? Is it just to get as many followers as possible ? Or do you genuinely like making content and interacting with your subs ?

Trying to compare yourself to other streamers isn’t the way to go

I think understanding how much work goes into building a following is important.


Myteam YouTube is all about being constant with the content. You should’ve pushed for worlds first with Harden. Being one of the first with Opal KAT review

Gotta have a niche or something we can only find at your channel at this point.

Look at AtMeBrowShow hes blowing up because you can only find that type of content on his channel and its quality and he sounds like a great guy. You’d want to kick it on his streams even if it’s not 2k related.

Trying to break out doing gameplays is going to be tough because 1000 youtubers are doing that.

RCAthegreat has his niche as a comp-sim content creator and now Tydebo is blowing up showing us elite 2k skills and being sweaty as shit.

6th man Sam blowing up because hes a chill ass dude. The vibes are great. He snipes, plays MTU, talks myteam. Etc


Thb i only remember u teaching us 5 outs and always looking for deals on mt here. Lol


That’s some solid advice Vork.


100% this and some of the other stuff… i saw this thread when it had 0 posts and was thinking whether to say this. not here to judge or anything but thats really my only memory of you. pushes me away even viewing your videos, not to mention subbing to your channel.

And I’ve actually subbed to most of the youtubers here on the forum. AtmeBro, 6thmansam, carsyncruz, heck even Earv and I know he doesnt do youtube like that. Can’t remember if I left out anyone

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Shake, DBG, Richy

See I usually try to be the first to do a new card’s review but Big Youtubers just use their clout and borrow accounts. Shits scumy

You don’t see when I post my video forums? Is it because I put them in “Off-Topic”?

The Vork groupie love is real :joy:

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But seriously tho, it looks like some real good advice.

Thanks for the solid advice.

I definitely like the Player A vs Player B review idea with maybe an expensive player vs a budget option thats just as good.