Kyrie's efficient stat line tonight

Just look at how he put up 38 points versus how Harden does it. 14/21 shooting. 4/6 from three. 6/9 from FT. 11 assists and only 3 turnovers. Don’t tell me efficiency doesn’t matter lol


Think he’ll get a 4th Diamond :joy:

He had two good games

Harden did this last week, he isn’t efficient every night but nobody that puts up the kind of numbers he has been either

Alright hold up. I gotta chime in since you threw shade at harden for no reason. Harden is playing with austin rivers, nene, james nunnally???, james ennis, etc

Who is kyrie playing with? All stars, all nba type players, in a scheme of brad stevens that is about spreading the ball around. Harden plays on an iso heavy team and hes a lot more efficient than you realize because of free throws and heavy amount of 3s

yes kyrie is a dawg and an amazing player, at the top of his game right now but we should appreciate both

Also every GM would take harden > kyrie in a heartbeat


I’m just not a fan of Harden’s play style in general, even dating back to last year when they had Cp3 healthy, Ariza, etc. I can’t decide if it’s Harden’s doing, or more D’Antoni purposely designing the offense like this. Because I think the Rockets could utilize him in so many different and more efficient ways (playing off ball, coming off screens) that actually gets others involved. Which in turn makes them more dangerous in the playoffs and not as one dimensional.

Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer teams that have great ball movement (Spurs, Warriors) over what the Rockets are doing and just turning Harden into an extremely high usage iso player with everyone else just standing and watching. Don’t get me wrong, Harden’s stats are impressive, but at the same time, I take it with a grain of salt because his usage rate in my opinion inflates them a little.

Something I can’t stand about Harden is that he’s become so accustomed to getting the whistle that now when he doesn’t and he misses a shot or gets stripped clean, he literally just stops playing and glares at the ref and then they end up blowing it half the time because he makes them feel like they have to

It was still kind of unecessary to drop Harden’s name. If you can put up those kind of numbers and be successful doing so w a roster like the Rockets have rn, why would you ever say no to that.
Of course this style of basketball doesn’t translate to the playoffs but just the fact that he can output these kind of stat lines on a regular basis is something extremely rare
No need to bash Harden when he puts up similar lines nightly

Yeah true. I feel like everyone has their pet peeve players and mine are Harden (and Westbrook) lol. I also think it’s interesting how polarizing Harden is and how there’s so many different opinions about him love/hate. He’s leading the league in scoring, yet 5th in the West in All star voting which is weird.

Kyrie has been amazing. You actually cant guard him. With James you just cant touch him :joy::joy::joy:

And dont get me wrong I’m a huge fan of both haha

Also to add on, you mentioned that Harden’s style of basketball doesn’t translate to the playoffs, which don’t both Harden and D’Antoni realize this and try to make adjustments to their offensive scheme? That’s why I’m kinda taking the stance of yeah this is great what he’s doing in the regular season, but will it all just end up being the same story in the playoffs?

As a rockets fan, I question this myself. It’s a couple bad moves we’ve made that have put us in this postion.
For example signing CP3 to max contract may have been the decision that holds us back from competing for the title while Harden reigns.
So really there isn’t too much to do in terms of play style. Surrounding a guy like Harden with shooters may be our best play while CapelGOAT and Paul are out

Kyrie is on another level.

Kyrie is the diamond to Hardens Pink Diamond.

Cmon bro. Refs do what they want, they arent changing their calls up because harden glares at them. Every single player in the league complains wayyy too much not just harden

But even before he signed the max and dating back when they traded for Cp3 last year, I always questioned how well would he actually fit with Harden.

Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m sure you watch more Rockets games than me, but whenever Harden and Cp3 are on the floor together, they don’t seem to be really maximizing Cp3’s skillset of him as a ball handler running the offense. Instead, it seems like they just “take turns” scoring. When Cp3 has the ball, Harden is usually just standing on the wing, not really moving/coming off screens.

I’ve noticed it multiple times. Mostly on his non televised games

Seriously I was peeping Houstons box score and its legit Harden and a laundry list of scrubs