Kyrie vs the Media. Does he have a point?

Kyrie recently stated that the Media divides Locker rooms and his recent interview he explained his problem with the media.

no, he demanded a trade from an automatic finals trip because he didn’t like “not being the man”

now that he’s “the man” he doesn’t want the spotlight or the pressure of being the leader of a contender

this kid is lost


I agree with him … they cook up stuff that isn’t genuine to get people interested , in the process fracturing relationships between players .

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I mean he’s not wrong…but he’s not right either. The media can only do so much, when your so called “leader” calls out players on his squad or calls out coaches ect. then the media has hot takes that can devide locker rooms. The thing is though if these leaders stopped for a second amd thought about what they say, how they word things, what they post on twitter, instagram ect. the media wouldn’t have these hot takes. Sure they over exaggerate comments and make it 10x worse but the original comments need to come from somewhere don’t they?

The media are like sharks. If they smell blood they write themselves into a frenzy. No one is so perfect that he can phrase everything right without any sort of weak spot to attack or interpret differently or badly for the player. Especially if you have to do interviews right after games etc. They are human beings with emotions and are very competitive. The media is Always trying to stirr up something, get juicy bits with provocative questions and all that. And if a player doesn’t wanna talk to them anymore they get angry. Blame is 96% on the media and 4% on players.

Imagine there were hour long talk shows everyday about the shit u say during the last few days. Speculating and making assumptions without you being able to control anything of it or correct them…