Kyrie irving says he can trust KD In the clutch I agree with him KD is a better clutch player than Bron

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:yawning_face: ESPN must be bored


did they think he would say he wouldn’t trust his teammates in the clutch? smh

More dumb shit coming out of his mouth like usual. Im pissed that Tatum has been talking to this douche about leadership. I’m sure he’s putting thoughts about leaving Boston in his head too.


Are we talking about shooting? If so, sure you can trust KD. But if we’re about passing, defense, and smart IQ plays, Kyrie was just in that “clutch” scenario 4 years ago when LeBron did “The Block,” Kyrie did “The Shot,” and Love did “The Stop.”

I’m sure this is some sort of clickbait, if not, then this portrays as Kyrie being extremely ungrateful about his Cleveland ring.


Dude is full of shit and ungrateful he wouldn’t be shit without Lebron. The Celtics and The Nets was better without him


Its fucking nonsense.

Bron is the Finals dropping 25-13-9 but this is a story? Everyone wants to deflect from whats happening lol

the nets ruined their dlo core by him bringing him and an injured kd in, bad mistake

Lebron has the most game winners in the playoffs. Dude had back to back 40 pt games and a Trip-dub in Game 7 to come back from a 3-1 deficit in the finals. Until KD pulls some shit like that, Lebron is more clutch

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Nets could have sign KD and kept Russel if I’m not mistaken. But KD’s bitchass wanted to feel like he was “worth” more so they went with the sign and trade

Gonna save this take here… for when Nets running up the scores next year… you’re talking about D-Lo lol… He isn’t even close to the level of Kyrie and KD. Nets did right.


People will point this as a “diss” to LeBron when in actuality it’s a diss on the Cavs.

It’s major disrespect to a guy like Love who busted his ass on D to stop Curry. It’s major disrespect for JR who hit 2 huge back to back 3’s to get the Cavs back in the game, it’s huge disrespect Tristan who was a rebounding machine that series, but most of all it’s massive disrespect on LeBron who lead in all statistical categories compared to both teams in these finals.


Kyrie will break down before the playoffs like usual

You’re saying that the Kyrie diss is more disrespectful to the Cavs as a whole rather than Lebron?

I don’t have a problem with this comment because Kyrie did close out a lot of Cavs games, but Lebron actually scored more clutch points than Kyrie during there tenure together so what he’s saying just isn’t true. And you’re right Tatum definitely does not need to listen to anything about leadership from Kyrie. Kyrie has never been a leader, but Tatum can learn a lot about basketball from him. Kyrie is really skilled.

I see it as a diss to LeBron, but it just gives the wrong impression, especially you won a ring with another team who made huge plays outside of Kyrie himself.

I understand that but it said they talked about leadership which made my stomach turn. If it was about handles, being a better passer or shot making then I’m all for it. Kyrie isn’t a leader at all.


Good luck having another ring with your new clutch teammates :joy:

Lebron James is statistically the most clutch player of all time

For his career, LeBron is 7-15 on go-ahead shots in the final five seconds of playoff games compared to a 5-11 mark for Jordan. He also holds the record for most career and post season buzzer beaters as well as the highest fg% on game winning plays.


Kyrie and KD, the implosion will begin soon enough. Saw a rumor that they might trade PG13 there and that would be officially my least favorite team in the league :joy:.

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