Kyrie fully decked out in Lakers gear on 2k park

As a celtics fan, gotta say it looks like he gone

Build with tatum and brown seems to be the new motto

Wow, either it’s a genius troll, either it’s a clear message

I think its fake according to this topic

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Kyrie is a wierd dude. He likes to stir people for fun, this could be a case of that.


I agree. Maybe Kyrie troll :joy:

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Its him. I’ve played w him in park. The NBA icon is over his head in the other pic. Idk why the other thread was locked.

On a side note, I played walk on proam against JR and he absolutely cooked me. Hence my current avatar.

His GT is ky1irving …hes been no lifing the division

That turned out to be Donovan Mitchell and he was hacked or something.