Kyrie and Kd to the Nets is a done deal - Per Stephen a Smith

Source: Stephen a Smith

Betting odds also have the Nets as the favorite for both. Would u trust him?

If its SAS just ignore it. Shams and Woj are the only ones I trust


Who wouldn’t trust that face

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Topics like this should warrant a ban.
Unless it’s officially a done deal, you should stop baiting people.

Like an hour ago I read the report that Knicks are in the lead for KD.
Noone knows shit.

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SAS throws shit on the wall and hopes it sticks


I think its there or Knicks if they go anywheres. I think theres a few reasons why KD is leaving

Ahh this is so good. Hope this checks out. Warriors lose KD, The Knicks and Clippers strike out on KD/Kyrie and Lakers get Davis. Haha

Ric Bucher, betting odds, reports, and this have been leaning toward the Nets. Sorry not everyone need to be Woj or Sham to have a source. Also remember why you think reports of the Knicks interested in boogie/rozier popping up/ Stephen a Smith a knicks fan.

SAS usually doesn’t get the scoops but he did have LeBron to south beach a decade ago.

Maybe this stopped clock of an analyst is right again.


He’s also a giant Knicks fan, so he’s not gonna say this for no reason, since it’s his worst case scenario.

This legit scares me.

This is looking very bad



If we use this season to get more assets by taking on big contracts with picks with our cap space, it won’t be a total disaster.

At least they got a top 3 pick in the draft though. Really hope the kid keeps improving and becomes a great franchise star for them.I really hope that KD and Kyrie will end up on either team mainly knicks tho

Also silver lining, if we don’t get anyone, maybe Dolan is the scapegoat, and it’s finally enough for the shareholders to push him out and get a new owner.

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Poor Knicks. I view them the way I viewed the Browns for so long. Interesting enough, both have orange and white in their team colors :joy:

Yes but that was guarantee from tanking the season. It is massive disappointment for the Knicks fans if they strike out. To make it worst they pick the low tier New York team

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why does kd wanna play with Kyrie over Steph and klay?

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Try to prove he can win without them would be my guess.

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Missing a chromosome I suppose.

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Yeah I honestly don’t get him going to the Nets. Doesn’t really make sense.

But we’ll see.