Kyle Kuzma out indefinitely with a foot injury

Apparently LAL under some injury curse smh

I can hear the excuses already

lets not forget the raptors chip is built on injuries

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its not the whole season did yall read?

The “at least” scares me. We play Clips first game Oct. 22, and I need Kuzma there

if i were a lakers fan id rather him miss that game then the season

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need him to lockdown Kawhi and PG?

As a Laker fan yes, but Clips fans/Bron haters gonna trash talk if we lose lol

Why do you say that? he is super underrated. he led the Lakers to ~30 wins 2 seasons in a row that’s very impressive


Sad but I prefer losing him rather than AD or Bron

First true statement you said in a while