Kuzma price

What do you think PD Kuzma will settle at?


I just got 300k for mine and I’m a happy camper. I can’t see him staying anywhere close to that.


Lol he’s 100k. Packs were lit. He might be bin tn

Paid 200K for him just now. Gonna Try Him out

Must be visual glitch for you

idk but i dont see him being over 100k for much longer. There tons of him up. The only reason prices are high right now is because people keep bidding on every card and outbidding each other. Hype needs to settle a bit. And if they do drop a code his price will tank lol.

Yeah weird

Looking to cop tonight. Wouldn’t mind getting him for 150k at most.

I just got outbid on mine. Should I wait till tonight?