Kuzma Moments Watch

23 pts at the half. He’s got that Mamba mentality tonight. I’ve been saying Kuz needed a moments card about 5 or 6 different games now. Is the tonight the night he earns an amythest?

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Yes indeed if not I’m fighting someone

Him and zo have a special 2 man game

I loved watching Zo guarding curry last night dude can be a defensive force at PG he just needs that experience and develop the confidence to carry the team at times like Rondo did.

2 for 8 from 3. Could care less about this moment lmao. 2k would give him a 65 3 smdh.

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Damn kuzma got mamba blood

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Lmaoo Justin Jackson missed a wide open layup

So with Triple Dub surely a Ruby but maybe a Amy


Should be very similar to the sapphire. Slightly higher playmaking much higher 3pt less dunking sadly.

What a shot



Who let Chandler on the field

I’m done Fck Ingram

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Damn if BI made that free throw lmao

good defense better offense

He caused the kings comeback with back to back turnover fckng give the ball to caldwell pope damn

If Chandler wasnt on the field to guard Bog WTF was Luke thinking

Ingram is not that dude.