Kuzma Galaxy Opal Watch

23pts in the 1st quarter


He’d have to break 60 I would guess for the GO, otherwise I think another PD or perhaps re-release the one they had. It’d be a wild card to see as our first auctionable GO tho.

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James Harden treatment. Another PD with more HoF badges

If he’d score 70 they’d give him an Opal

Nooooooo You just jinxed him. These threads have a 10 percent chance of coming through. Rip Opal Kuzma


Tobias Harris is ballin too

OP the type to cum when a girl touches his leg


He’s bound to finish with 35 now


He’s going to break Kobes record in OT tonight

Are you saying you dont? Loser.

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That’s my business

This threads going to jinx it again like 3 other threads did lol 76ers obviously will adjust to guard him better this qtr

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I hope Demps is watching

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Love this community lol

And he’s scored 2 points since this thread has been created.

Another moments watch thread, another jinx.

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