Kobe Vs Spurs 2001 WCF

22-year-old Kobe.

Averaging 33/7/7 for the series on great shooting vs 1st seed Duncan and Robinson.

“Shaq carried Kobe”

“Kobe doesn’t pass”


Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant :innocent:


Rent free brother

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LeBron >>>>>>

Hopefully LBJ can win some rings with the Lakeshow and then everyone’s happy.

LA baby.

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I just want LAC vs LAL WCF loser leaves town

I mean LAC has 0 banners in staples center not even a WCF.

Pretty sure they should leave lol, even if they get one ring we still have 15 more…

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Shaq stats in 2000 finals

38 PPG, 17 RPG, 2.3 APG, 1 SPG, 2.7 BPG

Shaq stats in the 2001 finals

33 PPG, 16 RPG, 4,8 APG, 3.4 BPG

Shaq stats in the 2002 finals

36 PPG, 13 RPG, 3.8 APG, 2.8 BPG


Yea Shaq was a god.

Best one two punch league had ever seen.

I miss those days, hopefully this new duo will bring some rings.

Of course Kobe was excellent and without him Lakers wouldn’t have dominated the league this easily, but Shaq was the alpha dog

Nope loser leaves town

We’ll consider it the day Clippers franchise history is at least half as prestigious as ours.

Nah loser leaves town man. A deal is a deal

Yeah Shaq was 7 years older. So he definitely had more experience and seniority early on.

Such a beast combo, legit unstoppable, only their own beef could stop them.

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Yea, like you and me could decide such things.

Yea. It’s a big what if.

What if Shaq wasn’t so lazy in practices? what if Kobe and him stayed together? Could have been the best duo of all time clearly

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Shaq was like bruh what I need to practice for.

I’m 350 pounds just give me the rock and GTFO. (It worked TBF)

He openly admits this lmao. That’s why he personally thinks Kobe was better than him, that mentality to always be better.

I agree with that, but that’s exactly why I think Shaq was better, that’s because he never really practiced and he was the most dominant force besides Wilt. Of course it’s a what if, but imagine Shaq with Kobe mentality. That could have made him the goat.

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Chill bruh let’s make that the second round

This the D Fish .4 heave series right? Or was that the next season