Kobe Vs Butler Vs Tatum

Which would be the fit for a starting SG. Or other suggestions?

Take into consideration Price/Value. I use a lot of plays with my SG but also need that defense against these others putting SF at the 1 and 2. This would be next to magic or Jordan so a high reliable 3pt is necessary.

Butler, or Kobe with a curry

I have all 3 and they play very well for me. Tatum has the easiest release though

Would you say Butler is worth the amount tho? Hes an elite defender like MJ so that caught my eye. but 100k over Jayson could go towards another player lol. I was also thinking of Kobe with Kyries that finishes in half hour and I did have him before but with a defending shoe not a shooting one. I have gasol aswell so it would boost him a bit. Its a hard decision as I wont wanna change this round once set

I have Tatum with a diamond shoe that boosts like speed w ball, Bc, mid contested, and 3 contested or something. He’s amazing. I’d never sell him

Defense isn’t really a thing in this game, so I rely heavily on offense

+9 BC
+9 off dribble 3
+9 off dribble mid
+9 speed
+9 speed w ball

Defense definitely helps if you know how to play it. Offense is op but good defensive players in the right hands wins close games

I seen one up with those all white nikes for 100k bid but didn’t know if it be worth it or not. As I agree defense isn’t as helpful as previous years, both Magic and MJ hold up really well on defense

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I say Kobe with a curry. His animations and shot are easy. With the curry, he’s amazing.

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Really depends on the makeup of your team though who would work best

I agree with godfather. Kobe has always kept a spot on my team. His defense is elite and his animations are great. Plus very easy jump shot to use


Kobe it is then, would the kyries be ok with him? Last time I looked I couldn’t see him with the Currys

Red Kyries?

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yeah theres one with those shoes on him

Curry is ideal. Speed w ball

Yep speed with ball and handles. His 3 pt is knock down wide open without a shoe and boosting his moving shot is more beneficial with his player tendencies

Just wait for one with a curry. @Ryan once told me that, I didn’t listen. Finally sold Kobe back, picked him up w a curry, haven’t looked back since.

I don’t think there is any with currys at the moment lol

Only thing is, I gotta play tonight and have no SG lol. I might wait a bit tho