Kobe Price

Just saw him end at 190k on PS4. Next one is at 150k. I got him last night for 110k and I’m not going to keep him long term but wanted input on when to sell. Probably wait until he’s out of packs right?

Hard to say when these new cards are ending in a couple hours.

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good point. It’s all about how the gap between each sale I think. These ending now had 5 min between them

Yeah same here, I dropped a random overnight bid on one and was pleasantly surprised to win it at 120. I think I’m gonna keep for now and maybe sell in a couple weeks, before superpacks

No, I meant the new Moments. But none of the cards are really a threat to crash Kobe’s price. Harden is goated but lacks defense. Kobe is a clamp god.

oh yeah I understood what you meant. I would definitely just hold him for a week or so but I’m worried something will release later this week to crash the market

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There’s always that chance. Go with your gut.

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