Kobe price

When should I buy kobe? He’s 200k right now on ps4, better buy now or wait some days? I’m’ nms so don’t want to waste money…

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Hard to say for sure, but PG13 maintained his 200k value pretty much the entire run of the last prime packs.

Because I think is not a bad price 200k for him

Buy him now, we have a extended weekend, 2k will get stale by Saturday night and his price will skyrocket

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Got him for him for 185k…want him too much. Hope is a W seeing some diamonds prices

He will go up some then drop back down.

Price will probably drop over the weekend.

Banking on spotlight who Kobe down the line. No use in paying 200k right now if I’m not even playing mtu

Gunna be Shaq Evo lol

I paid 183k like an hour and a half ago but I’m a huge Kobe fan so it’s whatever for me. He will probably dip a bit more then level out around 200k

I paid 211 and was fine with that price. He’ll keep falling tonight as people continue to rip packs and then start moving back up through the weekend.

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Got Kobe for 170k on Xbox.

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As long as he laker edition lol

I’m not super competitive this year I think I find more fun in just building squads and collecting the cards

The online play just feels like it has so much more input lag than last year

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So much input lag lol

just got one for 170k on ps4 few hours ago. kobe is such a beast and super worth the price for a while.

Is he better than PG?

Depends on what u want from the 2 spot