Kobe PD price question

You guys think his price will drop after the qualifiers event??

Thinking about when’s the best time to buy

Late May/June


I was thinking it will drop when 2k24 is annouced when hes on the cover

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When TMac comes out

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Will dip right after quals and before superpacks. Then will rise again after

Idk what it is but I just don’t care about what cards I have anymore. The kid in me has died it seems. As long as they work for me, they don’t need to be my favourite players or anything. Hence, I don’t feel the need of going for anyone particular.

If you like Kobe and can get the PD he is super fun for me

Idl why no one is talking about Klay… this card is an absolute hooper, and lockdown on D. He dunks decent but definitely isnt spectacular. Easiest release to green imo and can shoot from legit anywhere across half.

Ya played too much 2k. You no longer see the familiar faces you grew up watching. Gone is the excitement of pairing legends from different times.

Feeling empty you head for some pickup hoops with some friends; there’s always joy in the actual game. But when you get to the court you can’t find your friends!!! All you see is height, wingspan, animations, stats. Who are these people and why are they not in 5 out?

You squint and try make out the face of your best mate, but your vision blurs and your thoughts hazily shift to wondering if there will be better version of him later in the winter. Better get rid of this one before the value drops.


Wow 5min now