Kobe/Gasol Duo Review

Been running this duo over the last few days since its come out. I don’t know what Gasol is like without the duo but damn, he is the best rebounder I’ve ever had in this game (I don’t have Kareem or Hakeem so I cant compare but he was outrebounding others who had them). He’s averaging 10 points and 9 rebounds (5 defensive and 4 offensive) a game which for me is great and exactly what I need… This is running with a full diamond squad going up against equaliser teams up to Kareem. He made Kareem look weak inside and even snatched the ball off him in one possession which felt great lol. I don’t run a lot of pick and rolls or pick and pops as much as before but I’m sure he would be a monster from the 3 too, i shoot maybe 3 3’s in the game and hes getting atleast . I actually like his shot, nice high arch like bird to an extent, for me to get use to his shot I also picked up marc Gasol so I’m not thrown off lol

The only thing that’s underwhelming is Kobe in comparison to other shooters out at the moment, I don’t have him with 3pt shoe but with the 94 open, he should be hitting more shots then I am currently getting, even base Diamond Jordan hits them better . This could all be due to the lack of badges tho which are important or maybe i’m not running him that well at the 2 because he doesn’t have many plays.

I recommend giving this duo a go if you’re getting outrebounded and have kobe already and if he’s not right for you, its only a small loss to sell back.


Great review, I agree w/ pretty much everything you said.

My Kobe has the 3pt shoe, along with a boost towards swb, so he becomes very good at the 3, although most of my splashes come from Bird. Kobe becomes better, easy. If they ever update Kobe’s badges though, watch out, because he’s already a force on both ends of the court, at least for me.

Pau, who I had tried pre-duo and wasn’t impressed, also seems to play very well in his role. I don’t score too much with him, and when I do it comes mostly off the PnPop, but his defense is very solid. Like all centers though, he will get dunked on. To combat this, I got a Pau w/ a shoe that boosts Lat Q, Speed and Acceleration. He also came with every shooting badge he needed and now green-lights threes like it’s his job.

It also helps that I run McHale at the 4, who is absolute clamps against anyone not named Playoffs Lebron or 98 KD. The duo is great, especially for those in need of a big that can score inside and out, albeit lacking the athleticism that’s favored in this year’s meta.

Are you literally running the same team as me? haha I have Lateral Quickness shoe on my Gasol aswell but the Defense one, not a speed one. This is my team. I am in hopes for a Kobe Badge update which i’m patiently waiting for and hoping the McHale/Bird Duo. It will literally be GG. The biggest weakness in the starting lineup will then be PD Harden which im already considering selling to get Magic

If you sell Harden then we would literally have the same starting lineup lmao!

Here’s my LU.

haha that’s crazy, how you finding the team in supermax? I notice less equalising. I’ve had great success with these changes with the starters. I run Jordan at the one on bench and is solid and probably gets the most points overall. Would love to update Finley but with the Currys, he wont leave the team.

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Finley w/ Curry’s is elite, I’ve run into guys that just dunk all over me.

But I’m finding more success with Magic, he’s quick on his feet and very good when it comes to handling the ball. Defense is great too, size matters and he has both height/ weight to deal with anyone besides PD Giannis (literal glitch.) I definitely noticed less EQ when I made the switch from PD Harden, same reason I threw Kawhi/ PG in there.

damn, that’s a nice lineup! I had westbrook and wouldn’t mind getting him back to run with but would involve selling some players, might wait for the next crash. If you also get that Duncan Duo then it be nice too. I got Harden for 170k so I might be able to get a profit if I sell him and have enough for Magic with Currys. Really need that defense upgrade and size. Yeah finley has been around for the last 2 seasons of supermax for me and when im about to sell him, he ends up being clutch lol

I’m hoping for a few different duos. I basically built my squad around the possibility of boosts.

  • Bird and McHale
  • Bird and Magic
  • Kawhi and TD
  • TD and DRob
  • RWB and PG13
  • Magic and Worthy

I really like running Kawhi and PG at the 2-3, it works wonders on defense and spotting up. You got a really nice squad too, how is Artest? He looks godly on defense.

I Think Bird/McHale and Magic/Worthy has to happen. Which would boost Worthy to a diamond even tho he is already one overall.

I actually got rid of artest last night, greatest defender but I have a lot of history with his Amy version and I feel like its the same card and hesitate taking a 3 even tho his diamonds way better. But that’s just my personal feel when I see him on the court lol

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Yeah, while he’s clamps on pretty much anyone, I would rather run a more reliable option like Kawhi/ PG/ Jimmy. I like using the amy to guard the opponents best player, so I guess no need to upgrade!

Exactly, if the premium cards come down ill be using that Diamond Jimmy at the 3 next to Jordan, would nearly be unstoppable on defense. Would be amazing if he has a Duo with Derrick Rose too lol.

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If only 2K was run by the people on this forum. We would have some really badass duos/ cards by now!

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