Kobe drops 24 points in 3 minutes

Kobe in takeover is the most disrespectful card I’ve ever used

Wait is officially over :joy::joy:

Not really, because it was a challenge for the big mouth @ozzinium. He’s gone quiet so I bet he’s trying it right now. Might take a while.



I snorted at this

This matchup doesn’t even put an point on the argument :unamused:
He is good , but yeah , not so good for 500k.

You guys are so demanding :grin: I guess I’ll need to destroy that poor kid turnupdefense and put it on YT to make you all happy.

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I mean, I wasn’t that serious with the video, so if you spend 500k and you don’t like him, don’t complain. I just thought it was cool to share with the friendly community of 2kgamer.


Damn i scored 11 in 1 with ilgauskas against Duncan but opp quit :nerd_face:

I bet you shot threes over him.

I do whatever is necessary to fight the :cheese:

That’s quite a big ego for the guy who just scored 20 on sapphire CJ. I recall you complaining about not being able to go 12-0 earlier in the year multiple times.

Meanwhile, I have all the POTM and GO IT. So you must not be as good as you think you are. Humble yourself a bit.


@ozzinium Please note that in my original post I never mentioned my skills. I just praised the new Kobe card. You came in bashing me that scoring 24 points in 3 minutes means nothing. So reflect on that a little bit.

Wtf, you are playing against a low overall team , this doesn’t justify 500k .

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Mann some of you are rough. Dude just made a video and shared it around a usually nice and encouraging community. If you don’t think his video is a compelling argument to spend 500k on Kobe… Don’t use it as justification for spending 500k on Kobe and move on. No need to bash the man.


Sapphire CJ :joy::joy::joy: yall killin me