Kobe drops 24 points in 3 minutes

Just in case anyone was wondering whether the new Kobe is worth 500k- I made a video for you. It only lasts 4 minutes (my opponent didn’t last longer either): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6UqnQT1OkAw

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This Kobe is amazing I shot 10/11 and the dude quit before the end of the first

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I would hope you’d be able to score 20+ with Kobe in a quarter if sapphire CJ McCollum is guarding him.


Lol u beat the 8th grade girls team :joy::joy: lemme drop 500k right now so worth it :joy::joy:


It was most likely just a little kid playing too. He was probably over there like “nah B, i ain’t trying to get sweaty”.

I bet you two are jealous :kissing_heart:

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Got him :joy:

Lol what was this video trying to prove lmfao


since when do you use the 2k cam?

On the real, post a video against legitimate competition and then we can talk.

I have this Kobe as well, but putting up 20+ against squads like this is something anyone who is reasonably familiar with the game can do. No one is going to find it impressive.


Score 24 points in 3 minutes with any player against any team. I’ll wait.

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So Kobe got the takeover and your opponent did a mistake playing fast in that moment to give you more shots.

I am a big Kobe fan in this game, but this video does not really prove that much. Basically only second shot was a bit surprising that it went in.

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Im only kidding. I could snag kobe. But ur rights thats literally all the mt i have :joy::joy:

Dude, I’ve put up 20 in a quarter with ruby KAT. It’s incredibly easy if you’re going against a little kid who isn’t even aware of the game mechanics.

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Kobe real good way better than bum trash roy

This was almost 2 months ago


You are flexing to the wrong part of the 2k community :sleeping:


That little kid drop-stepped my Wilt with some trashy Aldridge and flash-paused me when he saw what was going on. Not everyone that runs sapphires and rubies is a noob.

Awesome. You know it’s not easy- you took a screenshot.

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It’s definitely super rare. I just thought it was funny that I accepted your challenge to the T long before it was made lol

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