Kobe Diamond

Just another player I was curious about. Is he worth the almost 300k he’s going for?

A lot of people say not worth 300

He’s worth 250 though haha. I always love Kobe cards and this one is quick and finishes everything, even contested bad releases at the rim. HOF difficult shots is really nice. But he is pretty expensive at this point. Unfortunately he will probably not drop too much until a better version is released or MJ

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I have not tried him, but my assumption is that there are players who can do the same things for way less MT. You’re basically paying for some good-not-great HOF badges.

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I’m not saying he’s bad!

Just think his price is a bit steep

I’m still happy with my Iggy

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On defense, he feels on par with Iggy and Oscar so far, but I’ve played mostly TTO with him since I’m sitting at 11-0 and no more MTU until December for me.

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I PIcked up Kobe for 210k and I wouldnt paid more then 240k him mostly because I’m cheap he’s arguably the most dominant slasher in game atm , your going to get multiple and ones every game I put diamond shoe that boosted contested three to 90 because his release is cash and doesn’t miss open shots , he also will lock down your opponents SG

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I opened 150 packs trying to get him lol

Did you get him?

No, nor did I get PD Magic. Packs are so weird. I opened one 20 for Blake and got two.

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You used up all your luck on those lol

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Apparently so. Kobe is my favorite player ever, I’ll have to get him eventually. I have that foamposite to put on him too.

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Same lol. I haven’t gotten shit in packs this year. My best pull is still Amy AD.

Kobe isn’t worth more than 250k because he’s a diamond and PD MJ is coming out by Christmas.

But man he’s a really really good card. I just wouldn’t overspend since better is coming out so soon


I would like to try him out but Magic and Manu are my 1 and 2 and I can’t have that expensive of a card on the bench. Maybe when his PD comes out. This diamond doesn’t even seem like an upgrade over Finley tbh

He’s fun for sure my favorite player. But his price is steeep.

He is really good and can play D/strip the ball from swerving Klay and Steph.

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