Kobe deff worth every penny

Best card i used since pd B Roy…welcome to the legion of doom mr Bryant *evil laughter


yeah dude hes pretty freaking good.

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Faxx wish I pulled him but not mad I paid :man_shrugging:t5::fire::fire:

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Half a mil mt is alot though. I’m still on the fence about making a bid

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Do it my brother thank me later especially if u get 1 with a speed shoe Issa wrap, he balln out da gate no added badges

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I had not yet decided to buy Kobe. Spent quite a bit of MT trying to pack him without success.

what shoe u got? im gonna use the contested 3/ball control/speedwball shoe

Price check on ps4?

rey kyries or red kobes with Kerr his takeovers are sharp/shot creator

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i use mike d but ill prob get the same

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Wth you got that kind of MT?

I sniped his Diamond, put a speed shoe on him, swear the power of the 8 is special, just sniped PD Roy too, bout to run them together

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I’m not saying he isn’t a beast, but 2k always juice new cards to bring in the cash. When new cards come out they’ll nerf Kobe’s performance for sure.

I just checked his price and see him consistently over 600k at the moment for the base… disappointed I sold mine for 500k earlier, haha

I originally had Red Kyries on Kobe, but swapped to the grey Jordans that give off dribble 3, speed with ball and lateral quickness whilst getting ball control from coach boost

Nah just get diamond with white kobes

Pink Diamond Paul George > for half the price

So glad I sniped him for 100k. He’s a monster

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Hot take King is back in town.

Damn I thought he will be cheaper like 400-500 in this huge supply… I will just wait for the AS promo I guess thats should be lower the price.