Kobe content?

Ronnie in this video says we’re gettin Kobe content dropping after the championship? That’s what it sounds like


Well, sell your SG’s now, everyone.

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Oh shit

What. The. Fuck.

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Please let it be so


What tournament?

He’s even picking out the Kobe jacket to wear for it hahah mamba is coming

The one time him being incompetent works in our favour.


hopefully this is true, an opal kobe would a top 3 sg instantly

He says “the next day we have Kobe content” after the championship

The tournament with NBA players ends on Saturday, April 11th

So by this logic, Kobe comes on Sunday, April 12th

Which is weird but who knows


I heard he called Boogie a dick on stream :joy:

Oh this…

Kobe coming guys!

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Hes capping

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I can’t imagine they would drop it as a locker code but there was that Kobe locker code from earlier and they did give us Ben Simmons and Mitchell during the stream of the 250k.

How does he not know he steaming?

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Opal Kobe will cause the crashes of crashes if it were true. I would sell everything before April 10th.

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Nice… :+1:

Ronnie about to get dunked on by Boogie and Drummond talking like that lololol