Kobe Bryant - “Shaq would have been the GOAT if he had my work Ethic”


I hope none of you take this as Kobe talking bad about Shawn or hating just saying

Ah shit here we go again
@MambaForever @YuBuuBuu

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I just watched this interview the other day. I believe in the 1 on 1 interview with Shaq he admits it like Kobe says haha

Antinoe walker said when he was with the heat, he’d eat slabs of ribs before some games lol

I don’t doubt that

Lol yea bro I heard he barely was in the gym and ate what he wanted

Yeah pretty much.

That reminded me of Embiid eating a burger on the court in pregame lol

Some players are just “too” dominant for their own good. T-Mac is another example who had this immense talent and could’ve been goated if he would’ve hit the gym more.

Not sure how much more dominant he could be.
Maybe worked more on defense and free throws then he would definatly be a top 3 players.

Can we not talk about Kobe Bryant for once? Who cares what that scrub has to say :joy:

I mean Kobe should stfu and be happy. He already got 3 rings gift wrapped bc of the big fella now he wants 12? Sheesh tough crowd

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Hopefully Zion learns from Shaq

Mj and a hard working Shaq 1a and 1b, I could see that

wise words spoken by the GOAT

@MambaForever that was weak af. Now post a pic of your goofy ass


Kobe u would have 2 rings if it wasn’t for Shaq

No shit. Shaq couldn’t have done it without Kobe either

He did though

He had almost prime d wade?