Kobe Bryant or Brandon Roy? (or both?)

sup y’all… thinking about spending some MT today as I’m still sitting at 420k… I’m eyeing Kobe and Brandon Roy, maybe even both… But idk, right now I only play MTU and I seriously think it’s easier without a great lineup, I also havnt even started histroric dom, what do you guys think :smiley: spending or keeping the MT?


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Save the MT for later

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i’d save

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I just sold my Kobe lastnight and look at my username lol


Me and Kobe share the same birthday bro. gotta get him.

Don’t play myteam, no idea what either card looks like in any way but obviously Brandon Roy is the answer.

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Amy Kobe is 1000000% better

He’s probably still the best 2 in the game rn. Unless you have JR, but that’s a lot of MT.

Yeah it’s either Kobe, PD MitchRich, or dwade honestly

JR is the best but not worth locking so much MT for him

Kobe is better not even considering how much cheaper he goes for.

I’m waiting for the Friday price spike to sell though. Roy is still a good backup and demand should be high before this first qualifying weekend.

My Kobe comes with a diamond contract, should end in an hour and 16 minutes, you are welcome to buy him :blush:

I give you 50k of MT and some German bratwurst


How much did you get? Did the contract add any value?

Just 144k, bought him for 110k so it was okay, wanted to sell him before tomorrow cause who know what card we will get

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He goes right now for 166k without contract so I just got bad timing, but I would definitely sell him now if you think about it

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