Knowing what you will get in a pack before purchasing

Was wondering what peoples thoughts were on the new feature they added into fifa today, and if you’d like to see it in 2k.
Basically, ea made it so that you can now preview a pack so you can see what you will get in it and then you have the choice to commit to buying the pack so you can keep the cards in it or you can choose to back out and the preview will be there until either that pack isn’t available anymore or until 24hrs pass and you can do it again.
For an example in terms of 2k, lets say the feature was available for the glitched packs. You would press the button to preview the pack, the standard pack animation would start and you would see the cards you got in the pack but you would have the option to spend the vc/mt on the pack to redeem the items if lets say you pulled inv lebron or you could choose to back out without losing any mt/vc if you got boban etc.


That would be amazing.

Sound amazing and very consumer friendly.

2k would never do it.


How does that effect the Fifa market?? Pros and cons?

tbf ea are hardly known for consumer friendliness, seems like something they are trying with regulations seemingly coming soon with regards to micro-transactions for packs

Don’t really know tbh, I stopped playing fifa in like feb but decided to go on it today to see what the feature was like

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I suspect it might not have too much of an impact as the previews are limited so you only have 1 per cycle of the promo packs or 1 every 24 hours for the standard packs, and also it is endgame in fifa now so most cards are already affordable the only ones that aren’t are essentially the equivalent of high end invincible cards in 2k


2k has that feature you just can’t use it since you only get sapphire and below

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That feature has been in NBALM for over a year now and it’s great. 2k probably won’t have that because they have probably the worst packs of any game out there. EA has much better packs and pull rates.

Better yet, just allow us to buy players with VC.


It’s a Lil more useful in fifa where packs are way bigger (more expensive too) so your pull chances are kind more higher, whereas in 2k pulling and previewing 1 or 2 packs would hardly do anything.

See EA can offer previews because even though they have terrible pack odds too their’s is way better than 2k packs. It’s sad but until EA brings live back 2k has no real reason to improve. They know they will make just as much money and they know we have no other options on console so they can put out whatever they want and will still have the same amount of people playing.

I know i will get Tmac when he is in packs, since 2k17. Never failed me :joy: No Mj, always Tmac is my thing. 2K will implement this preview in 5 years.

Something about packs will change over time either because of a law or more likely 2k trying to stay ahead of the law. Could still be awhile though.

Along the same vein you can be guaranteed that we’ll be paying for a season pass for agendas in the next year or two. 2k gave us the crack this year and now that we are hooked the price will come.

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Market got absolutely decimated, particularly the current promo cards but everything else dropped as a result of it. It’s end game though, would be interesting to see what would happen if they did it in earlier in the cycle.

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