Klay glitch is back!

why can’t 2k just fix this stupid glitch!!! klay is guarding every C unless manually matched to another SG… after the other subbed, then klay goes back to C again @6thManSam


Is this a glitch specific to Klay?

yes it’s a glitch that happens every year fo KLAY only

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Further proves that 2K is literally a copy and paste every year with MINIMAL changes. It’s embarrassing for 2K.


I remember last year when they said the next gen version was built from the ground up. And then it had the same bugs from previous gen.


hahah its for real.

every year the same, but i cant understand why is always Klay

i used a lot Emerald Klay in the first steps, and he always guard Centers

Lmao back in 2k19 when klays moments pd came out he started to guard centers and since then (4 2ks have been released ,6 if you want to include the next gen versions ) and it’s still a glitch lol and it doesn’t happen to any other player either legitimately only klay