Kirilenko Shoes

I know I’m late to the Kirilenko party but I just got him yesterday, already badged him out but I now only need to equip a shoe. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I put the white kobes.
some may prefer those with speed with ball.

Orange cp3s are $$


Ive put the red Kyrie3 on him

White kobe’s here.

I run Dantoni, so my open3 is already 97. I like adding a shoe with ball control and contested 3 (goes to 95). I’m also a lat quickness apologist, so I like getting that to 99+. And I definitely wanted a SWB shoe bc 85 is too slow for me.

Edit: but I get wanting that post fade boost via a the white Kobe’s. Need that SWB tho

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I went with the KDs that add speed and contested 3.

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Pink Addidas :ok_hand:


Contested 3

pink adidas +1.

Second this, orange CP3s or red Kobes are perfect for him. The SWB boost is obvious necessary, but the one to ball control is lowkey a huge difference maker as well

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Damn…nobody on the grey Jordans??

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Red Kobes

White Jordans with D’Antoni.

94 driving dunk
99 steal
98 speed
99 draw foul
95 pass acc

And the most important thing, rim/sharp takeover.

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:raising_hand_man: Red Kobe’s here

Orange cp3

I had those on him before replacing them with the red Kobes. My thinking at first was that the off dribble 3 boost would make him much better at pulling up in transition and off screens, but I found that his ball control was too low to dribble as well as I would like him to. So I ended up switching him to the Kobes, and no regrets, he still hits off dribble threes at the same rate but his dribble moves and ability to keep the ball are day and night. Contested 3 boost felt more useful than the moving 3 one as well.

Red Kyries. Boosts are similar to red Kobe’s and Cp3. Except for 1-2 categories between the shoes. Just gotta pick the one you want more. Cp3 usually cheapest too.

I’ve seen the most likes on the Pink Adidas, I’ve thrown these on Kawhi and have enjoyed it. Still not entirely sure what to go with but I truly appreciate all of the suggestions so far!

Orange CP3s.

Ugly AF, but best all around shoe IMO