Kirilenko badges and shoe?

Just got AK and need some advice on what badges and shoe I should put on him. Any suggestions?

Orange CP3s with dantoni, give him every shooting badge,ankle breaker,one of the rebounding badges he may not have and dimer.

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Missing and very useful:
Put Back King

  • All the post badges

Deron Williams?

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Nah booz. AK won’t get one. He never does

Maybe Eaton since they both claamped. That would be epic if Eaton went diamond


That would be rediculous

Would make more grind for ak

Especially if it boosted speed since they aren’t the fastest and are already defense gods

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Eaton with 90 speed (shoe and Dantoni) would be a legend

Hoosier… This… Needs… To…HAPPEN!


I’ve been using AK at point guard in Fantasy Dom… Good lord, with the orange CP3’s and gold Dimer, he’s the best PG in the game lol.


I put the red Kobe on him and added limitless, DRD, Difficult Shot, Bruiser, posterizir and Brick Wall. The post badges should also be good especially if you run him at 3.

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The grind for AK47 is unbelievable now, how you guys done that?
Just most expensive silvers left on the table for me and I’m still 125 short🙁

That’s called Mutombo in da game :smiley:

Thanks guys. I decided to put posterizer, ankle breaker and all the shooting badges besides tireless scorer. I also had the red Kobes from triple threat and he’s now a glitch.

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