Kinda addicted to Panini Flawless Pack Openings

I haven’t collected basketball cards since the mid-90s, but I stumbled across pack openings for Panini Flawless (they’re like $1,200/briefcase) and I’m kinda hooked. Man, I can’t imagine how cool it’d be to open one. There are literally diamonds in some of the cards.


I’m a Layton sportscards junkie. I watch their streams all the time, got in on a break for a case of Prizm basketball last year. It was pricey.


Imagine buying the briefcase and one of your memorabilia pulls being the Collin Sexton card. I’d be sick


Yeah, every so often I see a lemon box and I’m like ooooh, that had to hurt.

jabs family or die bby


This is how I feel about 1st gen pokemon booster boxes


Those fuckers from the 90s used to weigh the packs and re-seal boxes, wouldn’t surprise me if these all get pre-opened.


These cases are kind of dumb IMO…it is kind of lame to just be for sure getting a bunch of autos and jerseys.

That’s the industry now.

People buy for the inserts not the base cards. FART

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Of course, but Im old school I guess. Haven’t collected cards since I was a teenager, but I don’t like it.

The 1 of 1 cards that turn up are just absurd. There’s one here with 21 diamonds.

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Lmfao those cases run for like 1K too

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I wonder if those diamonds are real ive had a few of the cards and sold a few back when i did some sponsorship work with Panini and a break company never knew if they were real or fake haha


Shake you should open some real boxes of cards.


Theyre real. Im a GIANT Card collector and I have a Pujols Topps diamond insert, theyre 4Cverified rocks that have a trace number that you can see the path from mine > cutter > distro > purchaser > final placement.

One of my friends is a jeweler and I had him trace the number and it was legit, Panini also uses the same tracking services but I am not sure they display that data on the card you get.

Did panini ever make a special card for you? I want to own a piece of Shakes headset mounted in a card.

Edit: Game worn headset 1 out of 5, autographed and hand numbered.


Is there actually a market for any of these cards? I thought the bubble burst a long time ago.

Seems the new strategy is same ole stuff but make literally everything 5/5, 10/10, 1/1 etc.

If that guy threw the Diamond card on eBay it would probably sit unsold for years.

Youd be very surprised,

Bubble burst, and another bubble is forming.

Its coming back and im ready to BUY

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Shake did a real basketball pack opening once. I thought it was pretty cool but it was a one time thing

I feel like there was a thread on blowout cards forum when the first series of those diamond cards came out and the general consensus was they were low quality and not worth much of value. Maybe they use better stuff now but I doubt it.

I’m banned there

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